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Dive Destin with Emerald Coast Scuba

Emerald Coast Scuba is a realization of our dream to share our love of scuba diving with wonderful people! What an awesome way to spend our days - scuba diving, talking about scuba diving, being on the water or underwater.  We appreciate our good fortune of doing what we love for a living and working with our friends - living on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world! We also appreciate the opportunity to share it all with you.

Dive Sites

We have Wrecks and Reefs off our coast. Natural limestone reefs with hard and soft corals.


Courses range from Beginner to Rescue; and all the way to Professional.

The Team

Emerald Coast Scuba has been named the "Coolest Company To Go Down Under With". Meet our Crew.

Go Pro!

Join us for PADI's Go Pro! program. Become an instructor and teach the world to dive!

Learn Online

Start your adventure today from home! Get all of your class work done from the comfort of your couch.

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